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Papeer Alpha April Update

This post presents the vision of Papeer and the features that have been worked on since last update in February.

At first, paper was meant to be a tool to interact with the reMarkable eReader tablet. While implementing new features and using them, I realized that it could be more than a simple content uploader.

If you do not already know what is Papeer, it is a way to improve your web content consumption. Greatly inspired by the debloat the internet movement, it aims at focusing on the content, not the form.

Have you ever dreamt about turning a website into a book? Papeer is here to help.

If you are not already reading this page from the reader view, you can access it without signing up here:

The goal of this page is to give you an idea about what Papeer means by a great reading experience. It displays the content of most web pages, keeping only the relevant content: text (bold, italic, lists) and images. The yellow background is here to rest the eyes and increase the reading time.

Similar to Mozilla Reader mode. It actually uses their open source library Readability.

You can import RSS feeds, web pages, even entire blogs to your library.

The Build page lets you create your own books from the sources that you have imported inside your library. You can download the book in the EPUB format. It is compatible with most eReaders and ebook libraries like Calibre.

Papeer works great with your eReader.

Any page that is correctly displayed in the Reader view can be sent to your eReader for an even better reading experience: no backlight, just the content that you want to read.

Depending on the brand of your eReader, a quick setup needs to be done on the Device page.

For now, only the reMarkable tablet is supported.

Next features

Would love to have your feedback on which features should be prioritized.

Legacy features

Hope you will enjoy this version.

Thank you for reading.