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How to setup Kubernetes on your VPS?

This tutorial guides you through the installation of a Kubernetes cluster accessible over the internet. The cluster will have a unique master & slave node that manages the cluster and runs the workload.

Papeer alpha - April 2021 update

This post presents the vision of Papeer and the features that have been worked on since last update in February.At first, paper was meant to be a tool to interact with the

How to read websites on reMarkable?

The reMarkable 2 lacks a web browser, therefore it is not possible to read websites on it. To address this issue, I can use Read on reMarkable Google Chrome extension. The problem with

How to get rid of Google ?

Following the latest Google announcement where Google plans to disable Chrome Sync features (password manager, bookmarks, history) to third-party Chromium browser after March the 15th, I would like to open the way for